Learning to Layer: Comic Templates

I’m supposed to have a baby today. Aside from that small detail, I feel creative now that I am home on pregnancy leave.

After losing my PDF/.AI file and all of the text and images that I was working on-I decided to change my workflow. First of all, I opted to NOT tick the “save as .PDF option,” in Adobe Illustrator. What a horror show; when I came home and realized that the file I opened at work had saved at work, but as a REAL PDF, not the nice editable PDF kind that my home computer offered me. It was a sad day.

After stalling and sulking for a month, I took the opportunity to consider changing my artboard sizes in Illustrator since I didn’t want a standard 8×11.5 page book anyway. I want something more like 9×13.5-something more textbook size. I found a website that helped me out with some of the math and what was involved with a no-bleed page (for when I have full two-page layouts). I found this website and read what he had to say.

Creating Comic Template from Amerimex on Vimeo. My next step involved making a template that I could easily copy/paste onto all of my artboards and send them to the background on a “master board layer.” I am dedicating myself to being more diligent about creating multiple layers for each artboard since I am usually total rubbish at it. I intend on including 5 major layers to start: Masterboard-for the template, Text-obvious, Comic Panels, Rough Draft-blueline, Final Draft-linework. I will start there and see what happens. Hopefully this is a way to keep more organized and allow me to toggle lock on/off layers that I don’t want to move and or see.

Have a suggestion about my workflow with my comic in Adobe Illustrator? I’m a novice-I need all the help I can get.

Ok. Now to have a baby.


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