Oopsie-Editable PDF Lost

So….this is a little awkward.

I had about ten pages illustrated in my first chapter and then boom, gone. You see, Illustrator has this awesome function that allows you to edit a PDF with vector images still intact. So for the past year or so, I’ve been opening the files at school to use as class notes when I teach. Well, one day my computer crashed at school with the PDF file open (and not in Illustrator-in viewer on my Macbok) and it autosaved without the Illustrator option to “Save PDF as editable vector.” OUCH. When I went to open it at home to work on my project, it was flat. All of it……flat. I can not edit a darn thing. On the upside, I hate what I was creating and it is making me start over-not having been too far along with my project. I am working with some different styles and considering using Autodesk Sketchbook as my main drawing tool vs. Illustrator (which I plan to use primarily for my text. I need to keep my text searchable for digital’s sake. Here we go again.


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