Wacom’s Cintiq Drawing Tablet

I need one of these.

Nay….MUST…have one these.

The Wacom Cintiq is a dream gadget for any digital artist. Ever since my husband and I saw it at the Comic-Con, we were in absolute love.  Not only is it pressure sensitive, it looks as though their new model allows for pinching of the screen which is awesome. I have a Mac and would love to use with in correlation with my Adobe Illustrator. I currently have a Wacom Bamboo tablet, but I must admit, there is still a disconnect when it comes to me drawing the the tablet and seeing it on the screen. There is something not natural about it and it trips me up now and again.

The closer that I get to the end of writing my text for my book, the more I can taste the Cintiq on my home desk.

So how do I get one?

Well, I have one of three options here….

1) Create a Kick-Start program and raise the funds. Did I mention this is a cool $2,700?

2) Put it on my Visa

3) Teach summer school

Ugh…why do I already know the answer to my dilemma :/

I wrote Wacom and begged for a way to get a discount or promo offer so that I can own a Cintiq and blog about it as I create my final product, but they have not written me back yet and I doubt my ‘offer’ will amount to anything, but it was worth a shot. I really would love to be their free promo though and I would LOVE to tell you all about the product if given the opportunity. I need for my digital work to come to life, and with so much vector illustration that I plan to work with, I simply see no other way than to own one of these bad boys.

Anyone else have any experience with these?


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  1. ReyShelley says:

    I really need this is my life! Someday… 😦

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