Project Update: Snow Days

There is no better feeling in the world than the morning of a snow day-so many possibilities lay ahead of you after that first cup of coffee. And since I was just granted two of them in a row, I spent them working on the final chapter of my graphic textbook. I am trying to crank through the remaining content of my last chapter on Urbanization before I begin the task of doing preliminary editing and page layouts. I figure I will start back at Unit 1 (there are 8) and go from there. I know that there are probably loose ends here and there, so I will need to devote some time to wrapping those loose thoughts up in each chapter as I see them. Once that is done I think that I will scout out an editor who can try to edit my grammatical errors while also appreciating the comic book written format. I would say that right now, it is a mix of paragraph text and conversation between characters.

I am also starting to see the immense size that my textbook has grown to be and understand that illustrating all of it on my own will most likely be impossible. I am considering using my extensive photograph collection from my travels to help illustrate some blank space. After all, this is a geography textbook and my illustrations simply can not compete with the real deal. I have read that combining the two styles leads to a jarring result for readers so I am starting to think of ways to make this less problematic. Have any ideas? Let me know. I bought a Paleo eating guide-book called Nom-Nom Paleo, the mixed style of illustration and real photographs seems to work well for the author and it certainly made me buy it off the shelf of Whole Foods.


On a side note, check out the book, it is actually quite inspiring as well. I am proud to say that I have been eating Paleo friendly for the last month. Go me.


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