The Daunting Font

There have been nights where I could waste two hours of time losing myself in trying to find the perfect font for a worksheet that I made for my students.  Much of that is my fault really, as I downloaded 3,000 fonts for my font book. But a good font choice can go a long way. I really do think that having an interesting font and having a simple sense of design aesthetic can pull attention to your content.

I am in my first week of taking my online design course and one of our first assignments was to make a first attempt at a book cover. Our instructor is giving us great feedback on some of the common pitfalls that book covers make and the steps to avoid them. One of those is font selection.

In my opinion, font selection is the most important aspect of a book cover, though I am sure that others would argue that it is image, color, or word choice.

Bolded, italic, serif, sans-sarif…the choices are many.

So far the advice that we received suggests that a bold sans-serif might be best (with some exceptions) and to avoid “tacky” fonts. Take a look at this website that suggests what fonts are a bad idea. On the other hand, here is a blog that suggests some better choices for font design.

Since my book is an illustrated one with a comic feel, I chose a comic font for my text. Up to this point I am using a font called Komika Tight. The jury is still out on which font I will choose in the end. Right now I am kind of leaning towards a font called Blah Blah Blah. has been a great inspiration for comic book style and design fonts; some of them are paid, others free.

Just for the sake of understanding basic font types, here is a wikipedia image of the different font “families.”


Remember that every font has its purpose….er…..besides Comic Sans…I absolutely despise that font. In the end, ask others around you what they think. Does it look tacky or is it clean and functional?


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