Kickstarter: Educational Comics

I have already highlighted the Reading with Pictures project out of Chicago who have conducted a successful Kickstart project, but I thought that I would troll through the pages of Kickstart comic projects that related to education in some way, shape, or form. I wish there were more of these, but of the ones that I saw, here are the ones that I found that were successfully funded projects.

Climate Change: I am sure that geography and science classes could really use this one.


Meet Your Mind: The Science of Consciousness. Maybe a good book for psychology, biology, or health classes? I think there is an element of the book that talks about concussions.



Temujin: The Graphic Novel. Perhaps a good supplement read for high school World HIstory classes, though once again, this writer is not a history academic and if you watch her Kickstart video, you will see how she fixates on certain aspects of his life, which could lead to some bias in her delivery. I have not read the graphic novel so I can not say for certain, but I would probably not use this as a textbook (it probably was not intended for that use either). Nevertheless, it dealt with history and I like it!


Life Begins at Incorporation- Matt Bors: Civics & Government, History, Current Events, Global Studies, English classes. Some of the topics might be off-color for 14 year olds, however, at this point I am starting to wonder what will shock kids these days. At any rate, just be careful- it’s not the kids you have to worry about, it’s their parents anyway. I like Matt’s political cartoons though some may swing a bit tooooooooo left for my taste (and I swing left). However, this could also be a good lesson in teaching bias and political cartoons, just make sure that the kids know about the current event first, as some of the comics might not be read by everyone who depend on Yahoo News.


Graphic Journalism on Human Trafficking in Nepal: Wow! This one would be great for my class and the topic of refugees. Of course I need to read it first to make sure that it is not too explicit, but graphic novels need to be more like this! Obviously, also a great choice for a journalism class. I do think it goes without saying that any of these however would be great for a 2D arts course.




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