Chicago Wizard World Comic Con: Presenters

While at the Chicago Comic-Con, I were ble to catch a few presentations of the hundred offered that caught my eye; some good, some bad, some ugly. Here is a summary:



This one was actually pretty good. They had one artist/writer, one printer, and a specialist on e-books. Since I currently only plan on offering my text as an e-edition, I paid special attention to what the speaker on e-texts had to say. He suggested to not offer anything over 9.99 on Amazon otherwise they jump their commission take from 30% to 60%. I am hoping that when the time comes, using KDP will be easy since I plan on saving as a PDF and simply uploading. At least, I hope it is that easy. If you are doing traditional texts, there is so much more you have to consider from the colors that you choose, the cost of mass production vs smaller runs, and margins. The artists also spoke about how important his cover art was ans how he commissioned the work out using¬† artists. Of course, he reiterated something that we all know and that is that EVERYONE judges a book by its cover. The printer assisted in speaking a little bit about the importance of a content editor to see how the book flows as well as a technical editor to fix your bad grammer err…grammar, spelling included. For now, I don’t quite know how I am going to go about this, but for now, just brainstorming some ideas how to get my writing into the hands of geography professionals.



This next one started off OK, unfortunatly, the speaker began to jump into CSS and plug-ins, which at that point I got up and left. I guess I still don’t see why someone can’t simply upload a webcomic the traditional way instead of doing all that coding. Maybe someone who better understands WordPress can explain it to me like I am a two year old.


The presentation on Kickstarter was awesome. The guys presenting pulled off a successful Kickstarter campaign for their comic. If you are looking for a way to fund your project, it is encouraging to know that crowd-sourcing advocates do actually exist. Though I do not see a need for a Kickstart project for myself anytime soon, I will keep this source in the back of my mind for students and potentially down the road if my project gets too big for e-reading and hardcopies need to be made.

4) The last one that I went to was absolute crap as it was supposed to be about “demystifying the cover page” but really was just about how an artist can break into the field, and the speaker was 15 minutes late. Blah.

All in all, it was interesting to see all of these artists present on something that they love and are passionate about. I love learning new things and I am a geek about conventions so making sure to hit a few presentations is not work for me at all.


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