Rep. Susan Lynn urges citizens to review school textbooks

Just one example of why writing a social studies text is daunting…

Sumner United for Responsible Government

In an email this week State Representative Susan Lynn urged citizens to participate in the upcoming review of Tennessee’s school textbooks and wrote the following:

You might be very surprised to learn that many of Tennessee’s school textbooks are full of anti-American, anti-capitalist and anti-Christian bias as well as grave errors.

Recently a parent brought me one of her child’s textbooks. I was very dissapointed that the Tennessee Textbook Commission could have selected this book. One example of the bias in this book is this quote I have committed to memory because it disturbed me so much “Capitalism is a system where the people starve because they do not control the means of production therefore they do not make enough money.” The preceding paragraph glorifying Socialism was just as disturbing.

A number of us in the General Assembly are committed to making changes on the State Textbook Commission next Session…

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