A Rabbi, an Imam, and a Pastor all Walk into a Juice Bar

Words can not even begin to describe how difficult this past unit has been to write. This unit consists of language and religion components. The language section flew by and then I began to teach three weeks of summer school which really put a hit on my dedication to writing this thing. Now that I have returned to writing, the section on religion has really hit me in the mouth. Let me just say first that you will NOT expect to see any Muhammad comic drawings in this textbook. Second, even though I have taught about the various World religions hundreds of times before, when I sit down to write a narrative about it, I was stopped dead in my tracks. How was I going to write about religions when I have experts on each sitting in all of my classrooms? I have characters instructing in the book…most of which try to be funny…how am I supposed to do that with religion? For now, I have absolutely scrapped trying to be sarcastic or for that matter, funny. I am instead just trying to get the barebone facts down and instead I am going to approach the narrative in a different way, one that is asking my characters to travel to the different religious hearths to tell the story. While they can be funny and sarcastic to each other, there is no way that I will mix that in with religious content.  Besides, just because the genre is called “comics”, it doesn’t mean that graphic novels or illustrated texts have to be funny.

I only have Hinduism and Buddhism to go. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism were whoppers!

I am having my first surgery at the age of 32 tomorrow on my knee, arthoscopic for a meniscus tear. Hopefully I will not get too distracted and it will force me to sit and write. The school year is getting dangerously close. There is absolutely no way that I will have this completed by the school year, but at least I want the majority of the book written over the next three weeks time.

Wish me a speedy recovery, in 7 days I have to be ready for Chicago’s Wizard World (Comic-Con) convention. 🙂Image


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