Chapter 2 of 7 Completed!

I am excited to say that I am officially done laying down the text for my chapter on political geography.  It took me about a week longer than I hoped, but I it is one of the longer units to cover.  I am going to set the chapter aside for now and start organizing my vocabulary terms for a bit of a shorter unit on culture. 

I am finding it easier to leave the computer desk and sit outside on my patio to work.  I have one iPad that shows me the layout of my vocabulary words in the order that I want it read, and the other that I am typing on with a bluetooth keyboard. I am using the 1.99 iPad app called Notability.  If you don’t have this for yourself yet, it is a must! The students at our school all have it when issued their machines for the year.  I am organizing my vocab lists in the app Quickoffice so that I can import them on my iMac and sort by alphabetical order. The reason for the vocab lists is just to make sure that I have every word that I want to incorporate.  There are some that I am tossing out because I do not feel that they belong or are redundant in nature, but it is a slim amount. My original goal was to make a text that encompasses ALL terms that the kids might come across. Sometimes in my subject, there are multiple words that describe the same thing and it has taken me years of teaching to figure out most of them. When finding them, I am making sure to include both words: Ex: MICROSTATE (aka MINISTATE).



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