Professional Development

Today I am heading over to Cincinatti, Ohio for the AP Reading session for AP Human Geography.  I applied to be a reader for the exam and grade the student’s free response questions.  I have a good friend that also does the reading every year and he says that it is the best professional development that he has ever done.  I am thrilled to have been selected and to partake in the process.  It is to be held June 1st-9th, which means that I am missing my last week of school with my students and final exams.  I have never done so much prepping in my life yesterday.  I do not like being out of my classroom and leaving for the last week of school was a tough decision, but I think that my future students will benefit greatly from it.

I hope to get a lot of great ideas from the other geography teachers and professors that I will meet and make use of my iPad this week.  THere’s nothing like a huge brainstorming session before the book-writing storm 🙂


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